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2016 Tulsa Shootout: Heartbreak in Victory Lane


2016 Tulsa Shootout: Heartbreak in Victory Lane

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Every year as Christmas decorations go back in the attic and the holiday hype comes to a close, a season all its own comes alive in Tulsa, OK.

Dirt track racing teams from all over the country load up their trailers and travel to America's heartland for the biggest micro show of the year: The Tulsa Shootout, where the "Golden Driller" makes the rules and the most prestigious of bragging rights are at stake.

"I mean, it's the biggest race of the year," said Marcham, "it's an honor to be on the track with so many great drivers."

For five days within the Tulsa Expo Center, the world stops spinning and the tires and wrenches turn instead, while 1200 cars fight for a spot in victory lane. For Oklahoma City's, Trey Marcham, the coveted Golden Driller is no stranger.

Just one year ago, Marcham swept the non-wing field, capturing the title in both the stock non-wing and outlaw non-wing classes for the first time in Tulsa Shootout history.

"Last year doesn't even seem real sometimes. I couldn't have written a better fairytale myself," said Marcham. "Although I will always be proud of what I accomplished in 2015, I knew that this year was a whole new ball game."

After charging from 9th to 1st in his heat race and battling to a top 3 finish in his qualifier, Marcham rang in the new year in a very familiar position; starting pole in the stock non-wing feature event.

"Guys kept stopping by the trailer and telling me it was like deja vu. I felt like there was a lot of pressure on me to win again," said Marcham.

Fans piled in and the National Anthem played loud for all to hear, followed shortly by the roaring sound of engines being fired up near the staging ramp. Five days of non-stop racing and a year's worth of anticipation all came down to this moment. The green flag dropped.

"I just told myself to stay calm and stay smooth," said Marcham.

From the first lap of the 25 lap non-wing feature, Marcham led the pack, pulling away from the rest of the field. With two to go in the race, one final caution came out on the track. All Marcham needed was a solid restart at the green flag and to hold the lead for two more laps. After the wreck was all cleaned up, the field was set for a green, white, checkered to end the race. Marcham entered turn one full throttle, only to experience the unthinkable: a blown motor. Just like that, his race was over. The only problem was it ended two laps too soon.

"I don't really know what to say," said Marcham as he left the track, "I want to thank everyone who helped us get here and helped us this week. We had the best car out there but I guess it just wasn't meant to be."

Although Marcham and his team are disappointed by how their Shootout ended, they are excited for what's ahead. Trey Marcham will be wheeling the Josh Ford Motorsports 73T midget at the 2016 Chili Bowl Nationals Jan. 12-16. This will be his third year racing at the Chili Bowl with JFM and crew chief, Jimmy May. Marcham also plans to continue with the JFM team for the 2016 West Coast and National tours.

Catch Trey Marcham live in Tulsa on January 12, as he competes in the Warren Cat Qualifying Night at the 30th Annual Chili Bowl Nationals!

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Article Credit: Courtney Lynn Boggs

Submitted By: Cheri Marcham

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