SAPULPA, OKLA. (August 16, 2019) – Leading from wire-to-wire, Jonathan Beason of Broken Arrow, Okla. controlled Friday’s POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League main event at Creek County Speedway from start-to-finish, earning his third win of the 2019 season.

Rolling a five-car inversion for the feature, Andrew Felker went from high point man to a fifth-place starting spot as Jonathan Beason and Kyle Jones assumed the front row of the 25-lap feature.

Jumping into the lead, Beason immediately grabbed the top spot and never relinquished it. Leading all 25 laps at Creek County Speedway, Beason ran away with his third win of the season aboard the Hard 8 Racing No. 8J, his second at the Sapulpa, Okla. quarter-mile.

Andrew Felker guided the Chad Shields Racing No. 44S from fifth-to-second while Trey Marcham of Oklahoma City, Okla. rounded out the podium in third. Hank Davis and Kyle Jones closed out the top five.

Finishing inside the top ten was Andrew Deal in sixth, Chance Morton in seventh, Blake Edwards in eighth, Michelle Decker in ninth and Chad Frewaldt in tenth.

Andrew Felker (Smith Titanium Heat 1), Jonathan Beason (Keizer Wheels Heat 2), Trey Marcham (Saldana Racing Products Heat 3) split heat race victories.

The POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League visits I-44 Riverside Speedway in Oklahoma City, Okla. tomorrow Saturday, August 17 for the Grady Chandler Benefit. A day of happenings that include a cornhole tournament and live auction will lead into a night of racing, in which all proceeds will head directly to the Chandler family as they head down the road to recovery.

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Smith Titanium Heat One (8 Laps):
1 44S-Andrew Felker, Carl Junction, MO (7); 2. 15D-Andrew Deal, Caney, KS (1); 3. 42-Hank Davis, Sand Springs, OK (6); 4. 24-Hunter Fischer, Broken Arrow, OK (2); 5. 8M-Kade Morton, Coweta, OK (8); 6. 8B-KJ Snow, Kingsburg, CA (4); 7. 5H-Casey Hicks, Platte City, MO (9); 8. 17-Kurt Stellhorn, Baldwin, IL (3); 9. 8K-John Schulke, Burnsville, MN (5).

Keizer Wheels Heat Two (8 Laps):

  1. 8J-Jonathan Beason, Broken Arrow, OK (2); 2. 20G-Noah Gass, Mounds, OK (1); 3. 4F-Chad Frewaldt, Kansas City, KS (6); 4. 4M-Michelle Decker, Guthrie, OK (7); 5. 25-Frank Flud, Pryor, OK (5); 6. 00-Luke Howard, Overland Park, KS (8); 7. 9U-Doug McCune, Colleyville, TX (4); 8. 19-Pierce Urbanosky, North Richland Hills, TX (3).

Saldana Racing Products Heat Three (8 Laps):

  1. 32-Trey Marcham, Oklahoma City, OK (3); 2. 7M-Chance Morton, Coweta, OK (6); 3. 7U-Kyle Jones, Kennedale, TX (7); 4. 52-Blake Hahn, Sapulpa, OK (5); 5. 17E-Blake Edwards, Claremore, OK (1); 6. 9H-Emilio Hoover, Broken Arrow, OK (2); 7. 27B-A.J. Burns, Norman, OK (4); 8. F5-Devin Simmons, Knoxville, IA (8);

POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League Main Event (25 Laps):

  1. 8J-Jonathan Beason (1); 2. 44S-Andrew Felker (5); 3. 32-Trey Marcham (3); 4. 42-Hank Davis (6); 5. 7U-Kyle Jones (2); 6. 15D-Andrew Deal (9); 7. 7M-Chance Morton (4); 8. 17E-Blake Edwards (17); 9. 4M-Michelle Decker (8); 10. 4F-Chad Frewaldt (7); 11. 24-Hunter Fischer (13); 12. 00-Luke Howard (14); 13. 8M-Kade Morton (11); 14. 19-Pierce Urbanosky (24); 15. 8B-KJ Snow (18); 16. 5H-Casey Hicks (16); 17. 8K-John Schulke (25); 18. 9U-Doug McCune (20); 19. 20G-Noah Gass (10); 20. 52-Blake Hahn (12); 21. 25-Frank Flud (15); 22. 9H-Emilio Hoover (19); 23. 17-Kurt Stellhorn (23); 24. F5-Devin Simmons (22); 25. 27B-AJ Burns (21).
    Lap Leader(s): Beason 1-25.
    Hard Charger(s): Urbanosky +10.
Article Credit: Brian Walker